Hark The Tech Coast Angels
"Most Business Plans are Strong on Technology
 and.... Weak on Marketing"

Vern Yates has been an active angel investor, consultant, advisor and mentor to start up companies since his retirement in 1996. He also was a founder of a 160 person angel investment group in San Diego that has made over $12 million . . .


Yates was in on the ground floor with three members of the local Band of Angels' spectacular first venture, some early backing of a private Internet network firm known as Sandpiper Networks. Last October, San Francisco-based Digital Island acquired Sandpiper, providing investors with their so-called "home run." Two other companies . . 


Vern Yates: The Father of Angel Investing in San Diego
By Brian Blazevic, CONNECT Newsletter Editor

Vern Yates can claim a lion's share of credit for organizing San Diego's private investors, a community which has had a substantial, positive impact on entrepreneurs, start-ups and arguably the success of the region. The culmination of Mr. Yates' efforts was the founding of the San Diego Tech Coast Angels (SD TCA) in the year 2000 . . .


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