Vern has been an active angel investor, consultant, advisor and mentor to start up companies since his retirement in 1996.  He also was the founder of the San Diego Band of Angels, a 160 person angel investment group.  This group combined in 2000 with the Tech Coast Angels to form a group which now covers Los Angeles, Orange, Ventura, Riverside and San Diego Counties.  Members of the Tech Coast Angels have made over $100 million in investments in Southern California start up businesses.  Vern formerly served as Chairman of the Board of  Governors of the Tech Coast Angels.

Vern is currently serving as Chairman and CEO of Amernath Wireless, and as a board member of Filmetrics and Controltec, has formerly served on the board of five corporations (Sandpiper Networks, MineShare,, Vectron and Tourmaline Networks), is currently an advisor to Transaction Wireless, mSnack and Dtection Systems, and has been a former advisor to six companies (, GreenPlum,, Alitum, Fetch Technologies, Path1 and Teleflage) and serves as an executive mentor to several persons seeking to start businesses.  Vern also is an active member of The Chairmanís Roundtable, an executive mentoring organization in San Diego, and an active participant in various CONNECT and UCSD von Leibig Center programs.

Vern has extensive experience with both internal and venture funded start up companies having served as: President and CEO of Primary Access Corporation, a San Diego based venture backed telecommunications access systems company that was sold to 3Com; President of the Electronic Payments Division of Deluxe Corporation that was spun off in 2000 as a publicly traded company named Efunds, Vice President and General Manager of NCR's Personal Computer Division, an internal startup which he formed in 1984; Vice President and General Manager of NCR's EFT & Data Services division which he formed in 1982; and as Vice President of Sales and Marketing of COMTEN, a telecommunication startup, from 1970 through its acquisition by NCR in 1979.  In the 1960ís, he served in sales and marketing positions with Collins Radio company and was involved with the communications system for the Apollo program and its associated ground tracking systems.  He graduated from George Washington University with an Electrical Engineering Degree and is a member of the GW Engineering Hall of Fame.


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